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Hair removal

Not only in women but – like body hair in men be erotic according to best epilator . Too bad for them, because the skin is covered with the exception of the face, palms, soles, nipples and lips with hair. Although the body hair with an average of 0.07 millimeters is by almost half thinner than the head, still disturbs the so-called “wooly” the pure and aesthetic sense, since it has lost its function in the course of evolution: It protected once the ancestors against intense sunlight and kept warm.

Hair removal for Tender

The most common way to get rid of the hair is wet shaving. Whether the bath or shower: After a few strokes (always opposite the direction of hair growth) are from the hair.

Individual blades thereby adapt to the leg and knee shape and minimize unwanted cuts, while a thin, coated with lotion face nourishes the skin already during shaving above the blade. And shaving cream ensures that the blade slips well on the skin. Manufacturers offer products specifically for women’s legs, as well as the shaving of the partner’s doing – unlike his razor! Because facial hair is harder than the tender on woman’s leg, thus the blade is sharper, and the risk of injury is greater. Also, his razor is designed for sharp curves around the nose, mouth, and chin. The woman, however, shaved straight light strokes.

The counterpart of the wet is dry shaving. The application is childproof: A grid holds the shearing blades away from the skin and makes cutting impossible. The devices are also suitable for the bikini area. But dry shaving has the same disadvantage as their wet mate: After no more than three days, the skin is back stubbly. Incidentally, the persistent rumor, shaving promotes hair growth, not true. But the short protruding from the pore stubble fall more than long, through clothing “thin” grated hair.

To eliminate forgotten stubble in underarms or bikini line move quickly, a suitable Mini shaver. With dimensions of a two centimeters wide and style length to fit into any handbag and can also be used for sports or pool. Optionally style and he cut the hair on five millimeters or two down.

Hair removal for Bold

On epilators are the ghosts. One party swears by his reliability: application and four weeks rest. Other women despise him as an instrument of torture. Because depending on the device type grab twenty to forty tweezers the hairs and tear them out with their roots.

But between the first models and the modern are worlds: Today alleviate K├╝hlkissen, massage and “Starter Papers” the pain. The more you use the device, the more the body gets used to it. And: It hurts less because not all regrow hair. The reason is their growth cycle. Only about 30 percent of hair is sprouting simultaneously. The rest are in a resting phase and only come gradually revealed.

A disadvantage is then only red pimples, which can occur during plucking. Who but the evening depilated themselves, in which they are usually in the morning disappeared again.

Also painful is the treatment with hot liquid wax or cold wax strips variant: The wax encloses the hair; if it is then removed against the direction of hair growth with a jerk, they remain stuck in it. Again, the effect lasts for four weeks. The procedure but needs a little time and practice.

Hair removal without tears and tangles

With freedom from pain lure depilatory creams and foams. These products contain active ingredients, for Keratin is the main constituent of the hair. The chemical agents solve the protein structure, the hair dies off and can wear with a spatula after 15 minutes. Meanwhile, there are products that advertise with an exposure time of three minutes. Until the hair grows back, a week goes.

Who has sensitive skin, the application should, however, only test on a small part of the body. Women who want to escape the vicious cycle of hair growth and shave permanently, there are modern methods such as laser or IPL treatment. Here, the blood vessel that feeds the hair root sclerosed using a light or laser pulse. The application is painless, but also lengthy and expensive and is not suitable for all hair types.

Particularly bright or non-pigmented (gray) hairs can be removed only with a special laser. Long-term studies to success do not exist. Has become more painful variant: the Nadelepilation. Here the hair root is destroyed by a dose surge. How many sessions are needed depends on skin type, hair color, and structure.

Hair removal without tears and tangles

Is epilation “the” method for cosmetic hair removal?

There is no choice for the body hair removal. Every woman has their personal preferences and needs. Most women remove initially the hair on the surface, d. H. Shave or use cream. The epilation is certainly a very effective method, because the skin surface remains long time free of hair, longer than, for example, after shaving. However, some women fear the Epilation. Others have problems with skin irritation.

Is this fear of pain that some women cherish, justified?

Since the hair is removed at the root, it is only natural that some women experience some discomfort during epilation. The first application is proven perceived as the most painful; if only because this the largest number to be removed from hair.

But the symptoms can with time almost entirely, because the hair needs different timescales to regrow. This means that must be deleted during the single application less hair epilation by repeatedly over time. The skin itself takes some time to get used to the treatment. All this suggests that the pain at the date of depilation is reduced to time.

Are there ways to minimize discomfort?

The pain associated with epilation is directly related to the number of hairs that are plucked at once. The could be countered by a tweezers system which has fewer tweezers per row. For fewer tweezers also means less hair at the same time – therefore reduced pain. It would be ideal to have only a pair of tweezers per row because then a hair would have only each plucked.

Even it may be reduced, for example by light massage of the skin. Ideally, a system which actively stimulates the skin and that before and after the hair is plucked. This shows the greatest effect. The third factor is the hair length plays a role. With a range of 2 to 5 mm, the pain is also reduced. The ideal hair length is achieved either by the previous trimming – some devices are offered with a special trimmer attachment – or by preliminarily shaving about a week before epilation.

How the skin reacts to epilation?

Regardless of which depilation is applied, the hair removal caused some irritation. The tendency to show reactions is individually different. For sensitive skin or those that are not accustomed to the epilation process, can lead to itching and redness.

If the surface is cooled before epilation, this helps prevent such phenomena. The skin has to be cooled to at least 30 seconds (cooling pad or cooling glove – partly at epilators here).

Is there an “ideal” time of day for epilation?

Ideally, the evening will be depilated. Thus, the possibly irritated or red skin can calm overnight.

What can be done to prepare the skin?

The surface should be free of grease and cream residues. Sometimes renewable beautiful hair does not penetrate the skin and grow a. To avoid this, I recommend to use a massage glove or to make a preparatory body scrub. Thus, the dead skin cells are removed, beautiful hair can better come to the skin surface and are detected by the epilator.


Is it better to epilate before or after showering?

After bathing or showering the skin is softer and the hair easier to remove. Since heated leather but is more sensitive, it is advisable to briefly hold the skin. Since the skin for epilation but also should not be damp, thorough drying is necessary.

What do you recommend for skin care after epilation?

It is recommended to apply a moisturizing lotion or cream to soothe the skin and optimal care to. The ideal is products with aloe vera, allantoin or chamomile extract. They have a calming effect. Even after-sun products are suitable.

Grow after epilation to more hair?

No, that have proven dermatological tests. The impression is created by the fact that most women preferred epilate in summer when higher ambient temperatures accelerate hair growth. Even the blood circulates faster and provides the hair roots better absorb nutrients.


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