Straight natural hair with a flat iron

Every girl sometimes wants to have luxurious curls, since they are an amazing way to draw attention to yourself, and change your look for a day or a glamorous night out.  Flat hair can be naturally beautiful, of course, but sometimes it just seems boring and uninspiring. Nothing better than a head full of healthy vibrant wild curls or even soft elegant waves to make a girl stand out in every crowd. Curly hair is definitely always noticed, but make sure you are not noticed for mess of frizz and tangles. There are millions of “how to” videos online, and materials used for curling vary from common household items to very expensive professional hair dressers’ equipment.

straight your hair

There is an intriguing new method which uses really simple and cheap materials. It is also not very time consuming or difficult to perform. You won’t need to spend any money or waste time to go to a hairdresser.  And you get lots of curls. This is a variation of a technique used in the 1940s, when bobby pins were used instead of foil and flat iron. But they tear out the hair more, and are more demanding to work with. Just go in the kitchen and find some aluminum foil, get the best flat iron for natural hair and start following these simple steps:
Step 1: Your hair needs to be clean and properly brushed, no tangles! Use a soft brush to avoid breaking of hair and apply some detangling product if needed. If you want to achieve the effect of wild lion mane, brush all of your hair backwards, away from your face, or part it in your usual way. You could apply some hair mouse after you wash your hair, so you have nice volume, but be careful not to weigh your hair down too much.  Although this method shouldn’t damage your hair much, provided you use flat iron of high quality, if your hair is especially fine and prone to breaking, use heat protecting sprays after brushing.

Step 2: Grab a section of your hair and wrap it around two of your fingers, forming a small neat loop. Hold that firmly.

Step 3: Prepare rectangles of aluminum foil big enough to cover loops of your hair completely (about an inch or two wide) and wrap every loop individually making sure the hair is completely covered.

Step 4: After looping and covering your entire hair, it’s time to apply some heat with flat iron. Two or three pressings of every loop, for no more than 7 seconds should be enough, because foil conducts heat extremely well.  It’s better to do it for a bit shorter and repeat the process for individual locks if needed, than to burn your hair.

Step 5: After heating all of the foils, gently take them out one by one, with a sliding motion, following the same direction as you did while heating. That way you will have enough time for every foil to cool down.

Step 6: Slightly shake out your hair and pass your fingers trough it a bit, if needed, so your locks don’t look stiff. Apply some hairspray if you need your locks to stay firm longer but make sure you don’t overdo it. You should spray with around 15cm distance.

Tips and tricks:

  • Be extremely careful when you reach sections of hair near your neck and your ears. Foil will heat up almost instantly, so you need to pay attention not to expose any skin to it directly.
  • Make your loops carefully and neatly. That way you get neat and regular locks. Try out different sizes of loops and change the thickness of strands of hair you use to discover the perfect look for you. Looser loop with bigger section of your hair will be more relaxed and wavy than curly, and you get more fluff the smaller section you use. Experiment yourself! This is in general really quick and safe way to get bubbly and vibrant curls, but you need to find what hairstyle suits you best by trying out yourself.
  • Make sure you wrap your hair firmly, as tight as possible, so the foil doesn’t fall off, but no need to pay attention to direction of looping or precise folding of foils.
  • You’ll probably need two mirrors to see the back of your head well, so you don’t burn yourself accidentally.
  • Thermal protecting product must be used if your hair is prone to sizzling, since your goal is getting cool locks and not a bird’s nest on your head. Product should be used on damp hair, and it protects you not only from heat of the flat iron, but it can resist air humidity that will try to mess up your hair once you leave your house. Choose products without oils or silicones, to not weigh the hair down excessively.
  • If your hair is very thick, split it first into four equal sections at the back and then brush it forward. That way you can make sure you are taking uniform sections of hair for each lock, and that you do that symmetrically.

Since we’ve covered all you need to know about this technique, it’s time to start looping. Approximate time needed to finish this look with hair of medium length and thickness is less than 15 minutes. Make sure to be confident and rock your curls bravely.